15-424: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Fa'14)

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Table of Contents
  1. Final Projects
    1. Robot Projects
    2. Car Projects
    3. Air and Space Projects
    4. KeYmaera Projects
    5. Other Projects
  2. Project Teasers
  3. Schedule
  4. Awards

Final Projects

The Fall 2014 students of the CMU 15-424/624 Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems course are competing in the CPS V&V Grand Prix with the following self-defined final course projects on CPS verification.

Robot Projects

Car Projects

Air and Space Projects

KeYmaera Projects

Other Projects

Project Teasers

These images are shared by the respective students in the course to illustrate the topic of their final projects.
"Falcon rocket family" by Craigboy - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


GHC 6115, Carnegie Mellon University

1:00-1:10  Welcome remarks André Platzer

1:10-2:10  First session

1:10The Returning Rocket: Friend or Foe?
David Franklin & Phillip Massey
1:20Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Because it Could.
Bohan Li & Eugene Choi
1:30Robot Arm Verification
Akul Penugonda
1:40CPS Analysis of Pong
Felix Hutchison & Milda Zizyte
1:50Need for Speed: Tokyo Drift Hot Wheels Edition
Eric Wong & Frederick Chen

2:10-2:30   Break

2:30-3:30   Second session

2:30Alumn: Safe Ball Passing in RoboCup
Alexei Colin
2:40Under the Robotic Knife: A Verifiable Controller for Use of Multiple Robotic Arms in Surgery
Zachary Barnes
2:50Robots Playing Catch
Brandon Tolsch
3:00Formal Verification of One Dimensional Time Triggered PID Controllers
Kenneth Payson
3:10Asteroid Approach
Kerry Snyder

3:30-3:50   Break

3:50-4:40   Third session

3:50Alumn: Verified Lunar Lander
Neil Bhasin
4:00R2D2 Goes to Buggy
Anastassia Kornilova & Emily Yeh
4:10Safe Robot Follow-the-Leader in the Plane
Austin Davis & David Wise
4:20Improving KeYmaera: Less Clicking, More Typing, and Hopefully More Proving
Alex Hofer & Javier Vazquez-Trejo

4:40-5:00   Break, Judges in Closed Session

5:00-5:30   Presentation of Awards



In an amazingly tough competition with numerous verification rockstar quality projects, the judges finally settled on the following awards:
  1. Eric Wong & Frederick Chen: Need for Speed: Tokyo Drift Hot Wheels Edition
  2. Anastassia Kornilova & Emily Yeh: R2D2 Goes to Buggy
  3. Alex Hofer & Javier Vazquez-Trejo: Improving KeYmaera: Less Clicking, More Typing, and Hopefully More Proving
Honorable Mentions: