15-424: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Fa'20)

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Table of Contents
  1. Final Project Schedule
  2. Project Teasers
  3. Awards

Final Project Schedule

The Fall 2020 students of the CMU 15-424/624/824 Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems course are competing in the CPS V&V Grand Prix with the following self-defined final course projects on CPS verification.

1:00-1:20  Introduction of Judges and dL André Platzer

1:20-2:00  First Session: Aircraft Verification

1:20Autonomous Quadcopter Navigation through Hoops
[paper | slides | study] Adrian Abedon
1:40Modeling the Safe Control of an Aircraft in Two-Dimensions
[paper | slides | study] Nikita Rupani and Brian Wei

2:00-3:00  Second Session: KeYmaera X Improvements and Learning Resources

2:00Star Lab: First-Class Support for Vectors in KeYmaera X & Derived Lemmas
[paper | slides ] Aditi Kabra and Chris Lambert
2:20KeYmaera Evaluator for Reliable and Robust Cyber-physical Hybrid-program Engineering via Novel Graphics
[paper | slides | study | www] Jasmine Cheng and Justin Kerr
2:40Beyond *: Visualizing Quantifier Elimination for Real Arithmetic
[paper | slides | study | www] Uday Shankar

3:00-3:10  Break

3:10-3:50 Third Session: Recreative Modeling

3:10Modeling of K-Pop Dance Choreography as a Synchronized Multi-Agent Hybrid System
[paper | slides | study] Anne He
3:30Quarterback Safety in American Football
[paper | slides | study] Len Huang and Megha Jain

3:50-4:30 Fourth Session: Theory

3:50Expressing Equilibrium in Dynamic Game Logic to Play Non Zero-Sum Games
[paper | slides | study] Yiwen Yuan
4:10Non-Standard Semantics for Differential Dynamic Logic
[paper | slides] Noah Abou El Wafa

4:30-5:10 Fifth Session: Smart Driving

4:30Modelling Safer Traffic Light Transitions and an Intersection Control System for Autonomous Vehicles
[paper | slides | study] Kyle Kauffman
4:50Provably Safe Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles Using Uncertainty Estimations
[paper | slides | study] Michael OBroin and Adrian Kager

5:10-5:20 Break

5:20-6:20 Judges in Closed Sessions

6:20-7:00 Presentation of Awards



Project Teasers

These images are shared by the respective students in the course to illustrate the topic of their final projects.


In an amazingly tough competition with numerous verification rockstar quality projects, the judges finally settled on the following awards:
  1. Jasmine Cheng and Justin Kerr
  2. Noah Abou El Wafa
  3. Aditi Kabra and Chris Lambert
Honorable Mentions: