15-424: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Fa'19)

Table of Contents
  1. Final Project Schedule
  2. Project Teasers
  3. Awards

Final Project Schedule

The Fall 2019 students of the CMU 15-424/624/824 Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems course are competing in the CPS V&V Grand Prix with the following self-defined final course projects on CPS verification.
GHC 6115, Carnegie Mellon University

1:00-1:20  Introduction of Judges and dL André Platzer

1:20-2:00  First Session: Simone and Spiders

1:20Modelling Safe and Efficient Tumbles of an Acrobatically Inclined Robot
[paper | slides | study] Rachel Cleaveland
1:40Modeling and Orb-Weaver Capture Spiral
[paper | slides | study] Benjamin Smith

2:00 - 2:05   Break

2:05 - 2:45   dL and Infrastructure

2:05Versatile CPS for Data Center Cooling
[paper | slides | study] John Rollinson and Yunjie Su
2:25Lots & Lots of Trains: Efficient Transit with Distributed Hybrid Systems
[paper | slides | study] Karen Bowman and Joshua Kalapos

2:45-2:50   Break

2:50 - 3:30   Third Session: dL and Nondeterminism

2:50Nondeterministic Discrete Stochastic Differential Dynamic Logic
[paper | slides | study] Sam Kim
[paper | slides | study] Ryan Jannak-Huang

3:35 - 4:05   Fourth Session: Concurrency and Robots

3:35Facilitating Concurrency in Hybrid Programs
[paper | slides | study] Long Pham and Haithem Turki
3:55Verified Cruise Control System on RC Vehicle
[paper | slides | study] Yufei Wang and Shashank Ojha

4:05-4:20   Break

4:20 - 4:55   Judges in Closed Session

4:55 - 5:30   Presentation of Awards



Project Teasers

These images are shared by the respective students in the course to illustrate the topic of their final projects.


To be announced after the competition.