15-816D: Dynamic Logic (Sp'22)

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Lecture notes, if linked, do not capture all that was discussed in class.
DateLecture NotesExtraDue
Mon01/17Free: Martin Luther King Day
Wed01/19First-Order Logic(NApp. A
Mon01/24Modal Logic(N
Wed01/26Correspondence Theory(N
Mon01/31Uninterpreted Dynamic Logic(N
Wed02/02Regular Programs(N
Mon02/07DL Hilbert Calculus(N
Wed02/09DL Rules and Loops(N
Mon02/14Differential Dynamic Logic(NPart 1
Wed02/16Differential Invariants(NPart 2
Mon02/21Uniform Substitution(NJAR'17
Wed02/23Static Semantics(NJAR'17
Mon02/28Decidability and Filtrations(NWhitepap. 
Wed03/02Completeness and Incompleteness(N
Mon03/07Free: Spring Break
Wed03/09Free: Spring Break
Mon03/14Exam Review
Mon03/21Global Deduction Theorem(NSect A.3
Wed03/23Completeness and Canonical Models(N
Mon03/28Modal Filtrations and Decidability(Ncorr
Wed03/30Free: no class
Mon04/04PDL Completeness(NCh 7
Wed04/06Relative Completeness for Triples(NProposal 
Mon04/11Expressiveness and Full Relative Completeness(NLICS'12
Wed04/13Schematic Completeness(NJAR'17
Mon04/18Discrete Relative Completeness(SLICS'12 JAR'17
Wed04/20ODE Algebraic Completeness(SJACM'20
Mon04/25ODE Semialgebraic Invariance Completeness(SJACM'20Project 
Wed04/27Game Logic(STOCL'15Paper 

The lecture schedule is tentative!

Project Schedule

Whitepap.20Project White PaperMon02/28
Exam150Midterm ExamWed03/16
Proposal80Project ProposalWed04/06
Project100Final Project DeliverableMon04/25
Paper100Term PaperWed04/27
Sum450points listed