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Package orbital.logic.imp

Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems.


Interface Summary
Formula A formula interface for presentations of formal logic.
Formula.Composite Interface for composite formulas.
Inference Provides a unified encapsulation for inference relations |~ used for any logic reasoning.
Interpretation An interpretation associates the symbols in a signature with the entities in the world (for semantics).
Logic Provides a unified encapsulation of logical systems.

Class Summary
InterpretationBase A basic interpretation implementation.
LogicBasis This abstract LogicBasis class derives the extended logic operations depending upon basic logic operations.

Exception Summary
IncompleteCalculusException A LogicException thrown when an incomplete calculus is used.
LogicException Thrown whenever an exception related to logic or a calculus occurs.

Package orbital.logic.imp Description

Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems.

A general logic is defined by all subclasses implementing the Logic interface. That interface is the entry point for all logical operations. Once instantiated, it provides factory methods for logical formulas and methods for expression parsing and inference.

Note that this package is a framework in the sense of logic, but not in the sense of software architecture. Therefore it provides logical operations without restricting the architecture of client applications.

A logic implementation class must create the corresponding Formula and Expression implementations whose representation interprets the truth values. Logical satisfaction and inference relations can then be applied on formulas independently of the implementing logic. A LogicParser that parses expressions for any logical system according to its expression syntax is contained in the implementation packages.

A very useful implementation of a logic is the ClassicalLogic class in the implementation packages.

See Also:
orbital.moon.logic.ClassicalLogic, orbital.moon.logic.LogicParser, orbital.moon.logic.FuzzyLogic

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