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orbital.math Defines arithmetic objects and provides mathematical algorithms. 
orbital.math.functional Contains mathematical functors and extended functional operations. 

Uses of Normed in orbital.math

Subinterfaces of Normed in orbital.math
 interface Arithmetic
          Arithmetic is implemented by all arithmetic objects that behave like algebraic numbers in terms of their compositional laws.
 interface Complex
          Representation of a complex number a + i*b∈C.
 interface Euclidean
          Euclidean ring interface.
 interface Fraction
          Representation of a fraction a⁄s ∈ S-1M = MS.
 interface Integer
          Representation of an integer number k∈Z.
 interface Matrix
          Represents a matrix of any dimension n×m.
 interface Polynomial
          Polynomial p∈R[S] := R(S).
 interface Quotient
          Quotient represents an (algebraic) equivalence class ā=ã=[a]∈M/~.
 interface Rational
          Representation of a rational number a⁄s ∈ Q.
 interface Real
          Representation of a real number a∈R.
 interface Scalar
          Abstraction of all scalar arithmetic number objects.
 interface Symbol
          Represents an algebraic or transcendental symbol.
 interface Tensor
          Represents a tensor t∈Rn0×n1×…×nr-1 of dimensions n0×n1×…×nr-1 and rank r.
 interface UnivariatePolynomial
          (Univariate) polynomial p∈R[X].
 interface Vector
          Represents a mathematical vector of any dimension n.

Uses of Normed in orbital.math.functional

Subinterfaces of Normed in orbital.math.functional
 interface BinaryFunction
          This interface encapsulates a binary function "r = f(x,y)".
static interface BinaryFunction.Composite
          A composite function.
 interface Function
          This interface encapsulates a mathematical unary function "r = f(x)".
static interface Function.Composite
          A composite function.
 interface MathFunctor
          MathFunctor interface tags all mathematical functors.
static interface MathFunctor.Composite
          A composed mathematical functors.

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