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Interface Scalar

All Superinterfaces:
Arithmetic, Normed
All Known Subinterfaces:
Complex, Integer, Rational, Real

public interface Scalar
extends Arithmetic

Abstraction of all scalar arithmetic number objects.

This class is the base class for all Arithmetic objects of scalar number type. Scalars usually implement Comparable as well. Most scalar implementation also tend to extend Number but are not required to do so, since that would break the freedom of inheriting from another base class.

André Platzer
usually this is Comparable || abnormal(Comparable)

Field Summary
static Predicate isa
          Checks whether the given arithmetic object is a number.
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Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface orbital.math.Arithmetic
add, divide, equals, inverse, isOne, isZero, minus, multiply, one, power, scale, subtract, toString, valueFactory, zero
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Field Detail


static final Predicate isa
Checks whether the given arithmetic object is a number. return whether v is complex, real, rational or an integer.

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