Orbital library

Package orbital.logic.sign.type

Defines interfaces for general type systems.


Interface Summary
Type Representation of a type.
Type.Composite The base interface for all composite types that are composed of other types.
Typed An interface for typed objects.
TypeSystem Provides type constructors, and factories for types of a type system.

Class Summary
Types Manager for type system and factories.

Exception Summary
TypeException Thrown whenever an exception due to invalid typing occurs.

Error Summary
FactoryConfigurationError Thrown when a problem with configuration of the factories exists.

Package orbital.logic.sign.type Description

Defines interfaces for general type systems.

A type system is defined by all subclasses implementing the TypeSystem interface. That interface contains the appropriate factories and type constructors. The central data structure of this package is Type which represents a type of an expression of a formal language. Types themselves form a free algebra of terms.

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