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Packages that use Typed
orbital.logic.imp Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems. 
orbital.logic.sign Defines generic interfaces for formal languages. 
orbital.logic.sign.type Defines interfaces for general type systems. 
orbital.moon.logic Contains implementations of some logics as well as a logic and mathematical expression parser. 

Uses of Typed in orbital.logic.imp

Subinterfaces of Typed in orbital.logic.imp
 interface Formula
          A formula interface for presentations of formal logic.
static interface Formula.Composite
          Interface for composite formulas.

Classes in orbital.logic.imp that implement Typed
 class LogicBasis
          This abstract LogicBasis class derives the extended logic operations depending upon basic logic operations.

Uses of Typed in orbital.logic.sign

Subinterfaces of Typed in orbital.logic.sign
 interface Expression
          An interface for representations of expressions.
static interface Expression.Composite
          The base interface for all composite expressions that are composed of other expressions.
 interface Symbol
          Represents a symbol of a signature.

Classes in orbital.logic.sign that implement Typed
 class SymbolBase
          Default representation of a syntactic symbol in a signature.

Uses of Typed in orbital.logic.sign.type

Methods in orbital.logic.sign.type with parameters of type Typed
static java.lang.String Types.toTypedString(Typed s)
          Get a string describing a typed object and its type.
static java.lang.String Types.toTypedString(Typed[] s)
static Type Types.typeOf(Typed[] args)
          Returns the type of a list of arguments.

Uses of Typed in orbital.moon.logic

Classes in orbital.moon.logic that implement Typed
 class UniqueSymbol
          A new unique symbol that is distinct from all others.

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