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Packages that use Functor
orbital.algorithm.template A framework for general algorithmic evaluation schemes including search and planning algorithms. 
orbital.logic.functor Contains template interfaces for logic functors like Predicates and Functions that can be used for generalized call-back, and functional operations based upon them. 
orbital.logic.imp Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems. 
orbital.logic.sign.type Defines interfaces for general type systems. 
orbital.logic.trs Provides a term rewrite system (TRS) mechanism with substitution and unification. 
orbital.math Defines arithmetic objects and provides mathematical algorithms. 
orbital.math.functional Contains mathematical functors and extended functional operations. 
orbital.moon.awt Implementation of extended Bean, AWT and GUI Add-ons along with useful applet to application converters. 

Uses of Functor in orbital.algorithm.template

Classes in orbital.algorithm.template that implement Functor
static class HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic
          An heuristic function that uses a pattern database.

Uses of Functor in orbital.logic.functor

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.logic.functor
 interface BinaryFunction
          A functor that encapsulates the binary function f/2.
static interface BinaryFunction.Composite
          A composed BinaryFunction.
 interface BinaryPredicate
          A functor that encapsulates the binary predicate P/2.
static interface BinaryPredicate.Composite
          A composed BinaryPredicate.
 interface Function
          A functor that encapsulates the unary function f/1 which is kind of the most general Functor.
static interface Function.Composite
          A composed Function.
static interface Functor.Composite
          The base interface for all functors that are composed of other functors.
 interface MutableFunction
          A mutable function that can change its values.
 interface Predicate
          A functor that encapsulates a unary predicate P/1.
static interface Predicate.Composite
          A composed Predicate.
 interface VoidFunction
          A functor that encapsulates the void function f/0 which is constant if consistent.
static interface VoidFunction.Composite
          A composed VoidFunction.
 interface VoidPredicate
          A functor that encapsulates the void predicate P/0 which is constant if consistent.
static interface VoidPredicate.Composite
          A composed VoidPredicate.

Classes in orbital.logic.functor that implement Functor
static class Functionals.Anamorphism
          Anamorphism recursion functional scheme (lense).
static class Functionals.Catamorphism
          Catamorphism recursion functional scheme (banana).
static class Functionals.Hylomorphism
          Hylomorphism recursion functional scheme (envelope).
static class Functionals.Paramorphism
          Paramorphism recursion functional scheme (barbed wire).
static class MutableFunction.TableFunction
          A mutable function implemented as a tabular HashMap.

Methods in orbital.logic.functor with parameters of type Functor
static Functor.Specification Functor.Specification.getSpecification(Functor f)
          Introspect on a functor and get a specification of his exposed signature.
static java.lang.Object Functor.Specification.invoke(Functor f, java.lang.Object[] args)
          Invokes the corresponding apply method of the Functor specified.
 boolean Functor.Specification.isConform(Functor f)
          Checks whether the given functor object is conform to this specification.

Uses of Functor in orbital.logic.imp

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.logic.imp
 interface Formula
          A formula interface for presentations of formal logic.
static interface Formula.Composite
          Interface for composite formulas.

Classes in orbital.logic.imp that implement Functor
 class LogicBasis
          This abstract LogicBasis class derives the extended logic operations depending upon basic logic operations.

Uses of Functor in orbital.logic.sign.type

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.logic.sign.type
 interface Type
          Representation of a type.
static interface Type.Composite
          The base interface for all composite types that are composed of other types.

Methods in orbital.logic.sign.type with parameters of type Functor
static Type Types.declaredTypeOf(Functor f)
          Converts a functor specification to a type (guesses it from the declared type information).

Uses of Functor in orbital.logic.trs

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.logic.trs
 interface Substitution
          Term substitution function.

Uses of Functor in orbital.math

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.math
 interface Polynomial
          Polynomial p∈R[S] := R(S).
 interface UnivariatePolynomial
          (Univariate) polynomial p∈R[X].

Uses of Functor in orbital.math.functional

Subinterfaces of Functor in orbital.math.functional
 interface MathFunctor
          MathFunctor interface tags all mathematical functors.
static interface MathFunctor.Composite
          A composed mathematical functors.

Uses of Functor in orbital.moon.awt

Classes in orbital.moon.awt that implement Functor
 class Closer
          If Closer is registered to a component, it will automatically close it on user requests.

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