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orbital.algorithm.evolutionary Genetic algorithms simulate nature on a very abstract level to get solutions for sophisticated problems. 
orbital.algorithm.template A framework for general algorithmic evaluation schemes including search and planning algorithms. 
orbital.awt Extends the core Java AWT Package and includes some Beans and GUI add-ons as well as generic customizers. 
orbital.logic.functor Contains template interfaces for logic functors like Predicates and Functions that can be used for generalized call-back, and functional operations based upon them. 
orbital.logic.imp Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems. 
orbital.logic.sign.type Defines interfaces for general type systems. 
orbital.logic.trs Provides a term rewrite system (TRS) mechanism with substitution and unification. 
orbital.math Defines arithmetic objects and provides mathematical algorithms. 
orbital.math.functional Contains mathematical functors and extended functional operations. 
orbital.moon.logic Contains implementations of some logics as well as a logic and mathematical expression parser. 
orbital.moon.logic.functor Experimental additional classes related to orbital.logic.functors. 
orbital.util Provides basic utility classes useful to ease several programming tasks. 

Uses of Function in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary

Methods in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary that return Function
 Function GeneticAlgorithmProblem.getEvaluation()
          Get the evaluation objective function.
 Function GeneticAlgorithm.getEvaluation()
          Get the evaluation function.
 Function GeneticAlgorithm.getSelection()
          Get the selection scheme to apply while evolving.
 Function GeneticAlgorithm.Configuration.getSelection()
          Get the selection scheme to apply while evolving.
static Function Selectors.likelyBetter()
          Better genomes will more likely be selected.
static Function Selectors.rank()
          One of the best genomes will be selected, randomly.
static Function Selectors.rouletteWheel()
          Better genomes will more likely be selected.
static Function Selectors.tournament()
          Pick the better one of two genomes selected with roulette wheel.
static Function Selectors.uniform()
          All genomes will be selected with uniform probability 1/n.

Methods in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary with parameters of type Function
 void GeneticAlgorithm.setEvaluation(Function fitnessEvaluation)
          Set the evaluation function.
 void GeneticAlgorithm.setSelection(Function selector)
          Set the selection scheme to apply while evolving.

Constructors in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary with parameters of type Function
GeneticAlgorithm.Configuration(GeneticAlgorithmProblem problem, Function selector, java.lang.Class algorithm)
GeneticAlgorithm.Configuration(GeneticAlgorithmProblem problem, Function selector, double maximumRecombination, double maximumMutation, java.lang.Class algorithm)
GeneticAlgorithm.Configuration(GeneticAlgorithmProblem problem, Function selector, int parentCount, int childrenCount, double maximumRecombination, double maximumMutation, java.lang.Class algorithm)
          Construct a new configuration.

Uses of Function in orbital.algorithm.template

Classes in orbital.algorithm.template that implement Function
static class HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic
          An heuristic function that uses a pattern database.

Methods in orbital.algorithm.template that return Function
 Function WAStar.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n) + W*h(n).
 Function ThresholdAccepting.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = h(n).
 Function SimulatedAnnealing.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = h(n).
 Function MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming.getEvaluation()
          f(s) = h(s).
 Function IterativeExpansion.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n) + h(n).
 Function IterativeDeepeningAStar.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n) + h(n).
 Function IterativeDeepening.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n).
 Function IterativeBroadening.getEvaluation()
 Function HillClimbing.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = h(n).
 Function HeuristicAlgorithm.getEvaluation()
          Get the evaluation function used while processing..
 Function EvaluativeAlgorithm.getEvaluation()
          Get the evaluation function used while processing.
 Function BranchAndBound.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n) + h(n).
 Function AStar.getEvaluation()
          f(n) = g(n) + h(n).
protected  Function MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming.getGreedyPolicy(BinaryFunction Q)
          Get a greedy policy with respect to an action-value cost function Q.
 Function MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming.getHeuristic()
 Function IterativeExpansion.getHeuristic()
 Function IterativeDeepeningAStar.getHeuristic()
 Function HillClimbing.getHeuristic()
 Function HeuristicAlgorithm.getHeuristic()
          Get the heuristic function used.
 Function HeuristicAlgorithm.Configuration.getHeuristic()
 Function HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic.getHeuristic()
          Get the backing heuristic.
 Function BranchAndBound.getHeuristic()
 Function AStar.getHeuristic()
abstract  Function DynamicProgrammingOptimizingProblem.getWeightingFor(int[] part)
          Get an objective function.
 Function GreedyProblem.getWeightingFor(java.util.List choices)
          Get an objective function.
protected  Function RealTimeDynamicProgramming.plan()
protected abstract  Function MarkovDecisionProcess.plan()
          Run the planning.
protected  Function GaussSeidelDynamicProgramming.plan()

Methods in orbital.algorithm.template with parameters of type Function
protected  BinaryFunction MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming.getActionValue(Function U)
          Get the action-value cost function of an action and state.
 void MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
          Set the heuristic function to use.
 void IterativeExpansion.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
 void IterativeDeepeningAStar.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
 void HillClimbing.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
 void HeuristicAlgorithm.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
          Set the heuristic function to use.
 void BranchAndBound.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)
 void AStar.setHeuristic(Function heuristic)

Constructors in orbital.algorithm.template with parameters of type Function
AStar(Function heuristic)
          Create a new instance of A* search.
BestFirstSearch.OptionIterator(GeneralSearchProblem problem, Function evaluation)
BranchAndBound(Function heuristic, double maximumUpperBound)
          Deprecated. Since Orbital1.1 use BranchAndBound.BranchAndBound(Function,Real) instead.
BranchAndBound(Function heuristic, Real maximumUpperBound)
          Create a new instance of Branch and Bound search.
EvaluativeAlgorithm.EvaluationComparator(Function evaluation)
          Create a new comparator for states compared by their evaluation values.
GaussSeidelDynamicProgramming(Function heuristic, java.util.Collection states, double tolerance)
HeuristicAlgorithm.Configuration(AlgorithmicProblem problem, Function heuristic, java.lang.Class algorithm)
HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic(Function backingHeuristic)
HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic(Function backingHeuristic, java.util.Map patternDatabase)
HeuristicAlgorithm.PatternDatabaseHeuristic(Function backingHeuristic, java.util.Map patternDatabase, boolean autoUpdatePatternDatabase)
          Create a new heuristic function supported by a pattern database.
HillClimbing(Function heuristic)
          Create a new instance of hill climbing search.
HillClimbing(Function heuristic, LocalOptimizerSearch.LocalSelection localSelection)
          Create a new instance of hill climbing search.
IterativeDeepeningAStar(Function heuristic)
          Create a new instance of IDA* search.
IterativeExpansion(Function heuristic)
          Create a new instance of IDA* search.
MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming(Function heuristic)
MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming(Function heuristic, double gamma)
          Deprecated. convenience constructor, prefer to use ValueFactory.valueOf(double)..
MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming(Function heuristic, Real gamma)
ParallelBranchAndBound(Function heuristic, double bound)
RealTimeDynamicProgramming(Function heuristic)
SimulatedAnnealing(Function heuristic, Function schedule)
          Create a new instance of simulated annealing search.
ThresholdAccepting(Function heuristic, Function schedule)
          Create a new instance of threshold accepting search.
WAStar(double W, Function heuristic)
WAStar(Function heuristic)
WAStar(Real W, Function heuristic)
          Create a new instance of WA* search.

Uses of Function in orbital.awt

Methods in orbital.awt with parameters of type Function
protected  void Plot2D.drawGraph(java.awt.Graphics g, Function f, java.util.Map attribs)
static void CustomizerViewController.setDefaultCustomizerFactory(Function newDefaultCustomizerFactory)
          Set the factory for default customizers.

Uses of Function in orbital.logic.functor

Subinterfaces of Function in orbital.logic.functor
static interface Function.Composite
          A composed Function.
 interface MutableFunction
          A mutable function that can change its values.

Classes in orbital.logic.functor that implement Function
static class Functionals.Anamorphism
          Anamorphism recursion functional scheme (lense).
static class Functionals.Catamorphism
          Catamorphism recursion functional scheme (banana).
static class Functionals.Hylomorphism
          Hylomorphism recursion functional scheme (envelope).
static class Functionals.Paramorphism
          Paramorphism recursion functional scheme (barbed wire).
static class MutableFunction.TableFunction
          A mutable function implemented as a tabular HashMap.

Fields in orbital.logic.functor declared as Function
static Function Functions.id
          id: A→A; x ↦ x .

Methods in orbital.logic.functor that return Function
static Function Functionals.asFunction(Predicate p)
          converts a predicate to a function.
static Function Functionals.bind(BinaryFunction f)
          Binds both arguments of a BinaryFunction together.
static Function Functionals.bindFirst(BinaryFunction f, java.lang.Object x)
          Binds the first argument of a BinaryFunction to a fixed value.
static Function Functionals.bindSecond(BinaryFunction f, java.lang.Object y)
          Binds the second argument of a BinaryFunction to a fixed value.
static Function Functionals.cross(Function f, Function g)
          cross: Map(A,B1)×Map(A,B2)→Map(A,B1×B2); (f,g) ↦ f × g := (f,g).
static Function Functionals.curry(BinaryFunction f)
          Currys a binary function to a function mapping to a function.
 Function MutableFunction.TableFunction.getInitialization()
          Get the initialization function h.
static Function Functionals.listable(Function f)
          Get a listable function automatically mapping itself over lists (recursively).
static Function Functionals.nest(Function f, int n)
          Nests a function n times within itself.
static Function Functionals.onVoid(VoidFunction f)
          Applies a function on the void argument, ignoring all arguments.
protected static Function Functionals.paramorphism(int b, BinaryFunction f)
          Paramorphism recursion functional operator (barbed wire).

Methods in orbital.logic.functor with parameters of type Function
static VoidFunction Functionals.bind(Function f, java.lang.Object a)
          Binds the argument of a Function to a fixed value.
static Function.Composite Functionals.compose(BinaryFunction f, Function g, Function h)
          compose: Map(B1×B2,C)×(Map(A,B1)×Map(A,B2))→Map(A,C); (f,g,h) ↦ f ∘ (g × h) := f(g,h) .
static Predicate.Composite Functionals.compose(BinaryPredicate P, Function g, Function h)
          compose: ℘(B1×B2)×(Map(A,B1)×Map(A,B2))→℘(A); (P,g,h) ↦ P ∘ (g × h) := P(g,h) .
static Function.Composite Functionals.compose(Function f, Function g)
          compose: Map(B,C)×Map(A,B)→Map(A,C); (f,g) ↦ f ∘ g := f(g).
static VoidFunction.Composite Functionals.compose(Function f, VoidFunction g)
          compose: Map(B,C)×Map({()},B)→Map({()},C); (f,g) ↦ f ∘ g := f(g).
static Predicate.Composite Functionals.compose(Predicate P, Function g)
          compose: ℘(B)×Map(A,B)→℘(A); (P,g) ↦ P ∘ g := P(g).
static Function Functionals.cross(Function f, Function g)
          cross: Map(A,B1)×Map(A,B2)→Map(A,B1×B2); (f,g) ↦ f × g := (f,g).
static java.lang.Object Functionals.envelope(java.lang.Object c, BinaryFunction f, Function g, Predicate p, java.lang.Object a)
          envelope [[(c,f),(g,p)]] a.
static java.lang.Object Functionals.fixedPoint(Function f, java.lang.Object x)
static java.lang.Object Functionals.fixedPoint(Function f, java.lang.Object x, int maxIteration)
          fixedPoint starts with an object, then applies f repeatedly until the result no longer changes.
static Functor.Composite Functionals.genericCompose(Function f, java.lang.Object g)
          Deprecated. Use Functionals.compose instead.
static java.util.List Functionals.lense(Function g, Predicate p, java.lang.Object b)
          lense |(g,p)| b.
static Function Functionals.listable(Function f)
          Get a listable function automatically mapping itself over lists (recursively).
static java.util.Collection Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.Collection a)
          Maps a list of arguments with a function.
static java.util.Iterator Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.Iterator a)
static java.util.List Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.List a)
static java.util.ListIterator Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.ListIterator a)
protected static java.lang.Object Functionals.map(Function f, java.lang.Object a)
          Maps a list-like generalized iteratable list of arguments with a function.
static java.lang.Object[] Functionals.map(Function f, java.lang.Object[] a)
          Maps a list of arguments with a function.
static java.util.Set Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.Set a)
static java.util.SortedSet Functionals.map(Function f, java.util.SortedSet a)
protected static void Functionals.mapInto(Function f, java.util.Iterator a, java.util.ListIterator r)
          map implementation writing values into the target iterator t.
static Function Functionals.nest(Function f, int n)
          Nests a function n times within itself.
static BinaryFunction Functionals.onFirst(Function f)
          Applies a function on the first argument, ignoring the second.
static BinaryFunction Functionals.onSecond(Function f)
          Applies a function on the second argument, ignoring the first.
 void MutableFunction.TableFunction.setInitialization(Function initialization)
          Set the initialization function h to use.
static BinaryFunction Functionals.uncurry(Function f)
          Uncurrys a curried function to a binary function.

Constructors in orbital.logic.functor with parameters of type Function
Functionals.Anamorphism(Function g, Predicate p)
          Constructs a new anamorphism |(g,p)|:B→A*.
Functionals.Hylomorphism(java.lang.Object c, BinaryFunction f, Function g, Predicate p)
          Constructs a new hylomorphism [[(c,f),(g,p)]]:A→C.
MutableFunction.TableFunction(Function initialization)
MutableFunction.TableFunction(Function initialization, boolean cache)
          Create a table-based mutable function.
MutableFunction.TableFunction(java.util.Map map, Function initialization, boolean cache)
          Create a preinitialized table-based mutable function.

Uses of Function in orbital.logic.imp

Subinterfaces of Function in orbital.logic.imp
 interface Formula
          A formula interface for presentations of formal logic.
static interface Formula.Composite
          Interface for composite formulas.

Classes in orbital.logic.imp that implement Function
 class LogicBasis
          This abstract LogicBasis class derives the extended logic operations depending upon basic logic operations.

Uses of Function in orbital.logic.sign.type

Methods in orbital.logic.sign.type that return Function
 Function TypeSystem.bag()
          bag: * → *; τ〔τ〕.
 Function TypeSystem.collection()
          collection: * → *; τcollection(τ).
 Function TypeSystem.inf()
          inf: {*} → *; (τi)iτi = τ1∩…∩τn.
 Function TypeSystem.list()
          list: * → *; τ⟨τ⟩.
 Function TypeSystem.predicate()
          predicate: * → *; σ(σ).
 Function TypeSystem.product()
          product: ⟨*⟩ → *; (τi)iτi = τ1×…×τn.
 Function TypeSystem.set()
          set: * → *; τ{τ}.
 Function TypeSystem.sup()
          sup: {*} → *; (τi)iτi = τ1∪…∪τn.

Uses of Function in orbital.logic.trs

Subinterfaces of Function in orbital.logic.trs
 interface Substitution
          Term substitution function.

Methods in orbital.logic.trs that return Function
static Function Substitutions.lambda(java.lang.Object x, java.lang.Object f)
          Get the λ-abstraction of f with respect to x.

Uses of Function in orbital.math

Subinterfaces of Function in orbital.math
 interface Polynomial
          Polynomial p∈R[S] := R(S).
 interface UnivariatePolynomial
          (Univariate) polynomial p∈R[X].

Methods in orbital.math that return Function
 Function ValueFactory.getCoercer()
          Get the transformation function for coercing arithmetic objects.
 Function ValueFactory.getCoercer(boolean commutative)
          Get the transformation function for coercing arithmetic objects taking into account commutativity.
static Function MathUtilities.getEqualizer()
          Deprecated. Since Orbital.1.1 use Values.getDefault().ValueFactory.getCoercer() instead.
 Function ValueFactory.getNormalizer()
          Get the transformation function for normalizing arithmetic objects.
 Function Quotient.getQuotientOperator()
          Get the quotient operator π-1∘π:M→M modulo whom we reduce the values to their canonical representative.
static Function AlgebraicAlgorithms.reduce(java.util.Collection g, java.util.Comparator monomialOrder)
          Reduceg:K[X0,...,Xn-1]→K[X0,...,Xn-1]; f ↦ "f reduced with respect to g".

Methods in orbital.math with parameters of type Function
 Quotient ValueFactory.quotient(Arithmetic a, Function mod)
          Returns a new quotient ā=[a]∈M/mod of the given value reduced with the quotient operator.
 Quotient ValueFactory.quotient(Euclidean a, Function mod)
          (disambiguates type unification).
 void ValueFactory.setCoercer(boolean commuatative, Function coerce)
          Set the transformation function for coercion.
 void ValueFactory.setCoercer(Function coerce)
          Set the transformation function for coercion.
static void MathUtilities.setEqualizer(Function equalizer)
          Deprecated. Since Orbital.1.1 use Values.getDefault().ValueFactory.setCoercer(orbital.logic.functor.Function) instead.
 void ValueFactory.setNormalizer(Function normalizer)
          Set the transformation function for normalizing arithmetic objects.

Uses of Function in orbital.math.functional

Subinterfaces of Function in orbital.math.functional
 interface Function
          This interface encapsulates a mathematical unary function "r = f(x)".

Methods in orbital.math.functional with parameters of type Function
static double[] Functionals.map(Function f, double[] a)
static float[] Functionals.map(Function f, float[] a)
static int[] Functionals.map(Function f, int[] a)
static long[] Functionals.map(Function f, long[] a)

Uses of Function in orbital.moon.logic

Methods in orbital.moon.logic that return Function
abstract  Function FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet.not()
          Defines the NOT operator to use in the fuzzy logic.

Methods in orbital.moon.logic with parameters of type Function
static Substitution LogicParser.readTRS(java.io.Reader reader, ExpressionSyntax syntax, Function expressionTransformation)
          Reads a term-rewrite system from a stream.

Uses of Function in orbital.moon.logic.functor

Fields in orbital.moon.logic.functor declared as Function
static Function Operations.andFold
          n-ary and ⋀: DtnDt; (xi) ↦ ⋀i xi = (|true,∧|) (xi).
static Function Operations.not
          Negation not ¬:DtDt; x ↦ ¬x.
static Function Operations.orFold

Uses of Function in orbital.util

Fields in orbital.util declared as Function
static Function Filters.all
          Select *.
static Function Filters.first
          Filter for first element.
static Function Setops.intersectionFold
          n-ary intersection of a list of collections.
static Function Filters.last
          Filter for last element.
static Function Setops.unionFold
          n-ary union of a list of collections.

Methods in orbital.util that return Function
static Function Setops.createSelection(Function what, Predicate where, java.util.Comparator orderBy, boolean asc)
          Creates a sophisticated selection filter.
static Function Setops.createSelection(Predicate where)
static Function Filters.ranged(int min, int max)
          Filtering range from min to max.
static Function Filters.top(double number, boolean percent)
          Filter for the first number percent elements.
static Function Filters.top(int number)
          Filter for the first number elements.

Methods in orbital.util with parameters of type Function
static java.lang.Object Setops.argmax(java.util.Iterator choices, Function f)
          Get the maximum argument.
static java.lang.Object Setops.argmin(java.util.Iterator choices, Function f)
          Get the minimum argument.
static Function Setops.createSelection(Function what, Predicate where, java.util.Comparator orderBy, boolean asc)
          Creates a sophisticated selection filter.
static java.util.Collection Setops.select(Function what, java.util.Collection from)
static java.util.Collection Setops.select(Function what, java.util.Collection from, java.util.Collection wherePredicates)
static java.util.Collection Setops.select(Function what, java.util.Collection from, Predicate where)
static java.util.Collection Setops.select(Function what, java.util.Collection from, Predicate where, java.util.Comparator orderBy, boolean asc)
          Select filter operation.

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